Vision and goal of ZeeGam
The ultimate goal is the creation of 10 growth center’s along the river, with horticulture, tourism and transport as premier factors. The transfer of knowledge stands central in ZeeGam’s vision. Zeeland has extensive knowledge and experience with what a river and water supply can do for agriculture, horticulture and all related areas. Gambia is a relatively small nation on the African continent. A kind of Marshall plan is feasible. The smallness also  means  results of efforts to assist can be verified by the people from Zeeland themselves, as and when they pay a visit.


ZeeGam stands for ‘Zeeland assist Gambia’. Its aim is to bring knowledge to the African country, resulting in a scheme for structured development.


Analysis and master plan
Many tourists offer a helping hand to locals they meet during a visit to a developing country. All such initiatives are to be applauded. However, invariably such efforts are short term. ZeeGam’s objective is to coordinate and work according to a master plan. The key element is the transfer of knowledge.
ZeeGam’s full scheme will cover an extended period of time. We will, however, work in such a way that a project once started will be implemented.

The initiator of the ZeeGam concept is Sjak Wijnacker. During his working life he took part in a number of projects in developing countries, under the umbrella of PUM, a semi official Dutch NGO organization that makes use of the expertise of business executives. It resulted in a passion to reach a helping hand to those less fortunate. During his travel28.08.2011y similarities with his home area. He worked towards ending his career a number of years early on to devote as much time as possible to the ZeeGam concept.

Our home base in Gambia
Zeegam has a home base in Gambia. When you visit the country and if so desired, we will be happy to assist.

We used the year 2009 to amongst others further our contacts with a number of Gambians enthusiastic about the master plan. As a result, the location of the first two growth centers is probably on record now.

13.11.2009. We will amongst others use our website in this respect.

Possibilities and opportunities – what we would like to offer the Gambians

People from Zeeland have a great many opportunities to help the people of Gambia to improve on their living conditions. Small scale as well as large scale contributions are invited and very welcome. We mention some of the areas of possible support.
The gift of your knowledge
Your experience with the setting up of a firm
A start with accommodation facilities along the river.
With the former resulting in increased activities in the hinterland.

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